7 must have features for your ecommerce mobile app

Product descriptions matter, whether on a mobile or desktop device. You can lessen the danger of product returns, impulsive purchasing decisions, and client unhappiness by giving them detailed product information. As we have discovered the many features to be integrated into an ecommerce app, let’s explore and revenue and usage statistics of ecommerce apps. User reviews are a great marketing tool as it allows the apps to track user experience and make necessary improvements to the app. Also, when users give great reviews to your brand, it ultimately leads to more downloads and sales. A mobile app can use this functionality to deliver customized content to its users, offering a new way to interact with the products and services.

ecommerce mobile app features

One of the essential and common every mobile commerce app provides is to have a rating and feedback option. Customers feel privileged when they are able to write feedback and rate products they have purchased. Big players from eCommerce are now focusing on improving end-user experience and delivering essentials and grocery items through their platforms as well. They are utilizing cutting-edge mobile applications to stand up to their customer’s expectations. Check their portfolio, talk to their clients, inquire about their development process, and find their proficiency in integrating emerging technologies required in a mCommerce app today. Double-check everything and then decide your development partners.

Customer reviews

This sector can use ecommerce to digitally publish magazines, books, and catalogs and create digital libraries. A custom branding logo with specific colors and visual coordination makes the app look appealing and offers an aesthetic look. Minal Joshi is a content marketer at Krish with a flair for eCommerce and Digital Commerce aspects. She is a MarTech fanatic with a knack of writing with which, she helps brands to curate, create, & commence digital brand positioning. Sharing insights via articles, case studies, eBooks, Infographics, and other forms of content creation is what she lives for. Being an ardent traveler, when not writing, you’ll find her sipping coffee into the mountains or petting a stray.

ecommerce mobile app features

Today, almost everyone loves to shop online, and users highly appreciate making quick and easy transactions on the app. Hence it is good to optimize the checkout process so that users can accommodate fast transactions. Integrate the apps with biometric payments, single-click checkout, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and securely save the card details to accounts to allow an efficient checkout process. This feature allows customers to check the availability of an item in a specific location. It is helpful if your online store has physical stores spread across different locations. Hence, the users can check the nearest store and check product availability or get it shipped to their location.

Product gallery

However, among those mandatory businesses, whoever had apps were able to do well or at least stay afloat. If you’re already selling on a leading provider like Shopify or BigCommerce, you don’t have to redo the catalog on your eCommerce app. The app maker is already integrated with these platforms, and you can easily import all products or selected ones. A significant benefit of your mobile eCommerce app is the ability to communicate and notify the users with an app.

ecommerce mobile app features

Product filtering should be fully optimized so your customers can find their desired product as quickly as possible. As such sites need to give shoppers tools to search their product range and strip out the items they’re not interested in. An unstable app may heavily hurt your brand reputation, thus leading to a decrease in sales. Threats such as credit/debit card frauds, data misuse, electronic payments systems, and so on. Also, it’s useful to show users the loading bar so that they can know how long the splash screen will be present. Professional eCommerce development agency so we may speak from experience with dozens of our eCommerce clients.

Top 10 eCommerce App Features for Startups and Enterprises

A streamlined registration or signup process is always an attractive plus for the customers. Simplify the registration process by allowing the users to login via email, phone numbers with OTP, and even external accounts like Google and Facebook. Hassle-free access to the app translates to fewer customers leaving and higher sales volume. Ratings and feedback are the best shopping app features for your business and app users.

ecommerce mobile app features

Some users abandon their shopping carts if they can’t find a return policy of an e-commerce store. If you make a return process simple and clear for them, they are more likely to buy from you again. If you want to learn more about what exactly eCommerce is and how it can benefit your business in the long run, you can try reading this article on eCommerce by us. This feature allows app users to easily register and share the purchased products’ details. This functionality offers an effective way to increase sales and boost customer experience. Offline availability works well for people who may not always have internet access.

Integration With An Online Store

Apps produced on nandbox app builder are native which is a software application that is designed to work on a specific platform, either Android or iOS. The application has the ability to access certain features on the mobile like the camera, calendar, and contacts. When the new customers sign up for your app, ask if they don’t mind receiving updates from your e-commerce store.

  • Also, when users give great reviews to your brand, it ultimately leads to more downloads and sales.
  • In this way, they can register for your app in one tap, and that’s great for them since they’re saving time, and it’s also great for you because they get to shopping quickly.
  • A product page must have a proper product gallery, including quite a few images of the products.
  • Speaking of Augmented reality how can we restrain from talking about Metaverse; this hot chick is a revolutionary concept that’s changing the dynamics of online shopping.
  • When signing in to an eCommerce app, customers must disclose their personal information, including their contact details and financial data.
  • Unsurprisingly, UI and UX are key parts of creating your solution because users will see the visual first.